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Study Abroad

Students are strongly advised to study abroad for at least a semester (if not a year!), to gain international experience and to strengthen their foreign language skills. 


International Studies students are highly encouraged to study, volunteer and work abroad and to engage diverse cultures, societies and politics, while leaving a positive footprint.  Living abroad is a wonderful way to gain language and cultural fluency and to acquire new perspectives of the world. Check out the map below to learn more about our students’ experiences around the planet.


International Studies students are highly encouraged to explore other cultures, countries, and continents. Recently, students have studied and worked in Ecuador, Jordan, South Africa, Brazil, Senegal, China, Macau, France, and India, among many other countries. Under faculty guidance, International Studies students win top national awards including the Fulbright Fellowship and Boren Scholarship, which provide funding for international projects, study, and research. Check out our map below for more info about our student travelers.

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