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Latest News

Ben Paljor Chatag ’15 Publishes in YESHE, a Journal of Tibetan Literature, Arts and Humanities

Studio Art and International Studies double major, Ben Paljor Chatag ’15 has just published “Curatorial Reflections on ‘Transforming Minds: Kyabje Gelek Rimpoche and Friends, Photographs by Allen Ginsberg 1989-1997’ in Yeshe: A Journal of Tibetan Literature, Arts and Humanities.  Ben says, “I was inspired to curate the show because Rimpoche was my grandfather. I thought it was important to show pictures of Rimpoche and people around him interested in transforming their minds and society through love and compassion, which is what we continue to need in today’s world.”

Dr. Nava Silton

MMC Professor Helps Students Shine with Two New Publications

Nava Silton, Ph.D., a psychology professor and director of Marymount Manhattan’s Center for Health and Human Development, is celebrating the recent publication of two new books—one of which includes nine MMC students as contributors!

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Professor of Chemistry Alessandra Leri

Chemistry Professor Alessandra Leri Quoted in Wall Street Journal

The Amazon Labor Union celebrates their historic win.

Justine Medina ’12 and the First Unionized Amazon Warehouse

Michael Salmon, M.Sc.

Jamaican Teachers Travel to New York for The 7th Staging of Education Summit