Our Alumni

Recent graduates are currently working at the United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations, International Rescue Committee, US Foreign Service, Goldman Sachs, Clinton Global Initiative, Red Cross, Interpeace, ABC NewsCorp, Roosevelt Center, Office of Senator Charles Schumer, Peace Corp, Fair Trade USA, and many others.

  • Raghib Allie-Brennan ’13

    Class of 2013, Major in International Studies

    “My four years at MMC not only prepared me for my career, it prepared me for life outside of my career. The Division of Humanities and Social Sciences may be a minority department, but my professors have given me the knowledge and ability to hold my own in a world where my colleagues, bosses, and competition are Ivy League graduates.”

  • Dominique Cagliuso ’20

    Class of 2020, Major in International Studies and Politics and Human Rights, Minor in Law and Ethics

    The experiences I had at MMC will stay with me forever and I cannot wait to implement everything I learned at MMC into my studies at Columbia.

    MMC’s professors provided me with unconditional motivation and support, the department gave me opportunities that many do not have access to in grad school let alone undergrad, and the variety of classes in the field helped me to form my career path and goals.

  • Matt Carroll ’17

    Class of 2017, Major in International Studies

    “My favorite part about studying abroad is the fact that I can be completely immersed in a culture that I don’t know at all, and soon enough I’m living life like the locals.” 

  • Emmy Dallas ’16

    Class of 2016, Major in International Studies

    As a senior at Marymount Manhattan College, Emmy took part in the Rutgers United Nations and Global Policy Masters classes offered on campus for qualified students. Since graduating in 2016, Emmy has continued work on her Masters at Rutgers, earning her degree in May 2018 in Political Science and International Relations, with a concentration in United Nations and Global Policy Studies. 

  • Deirdre Quinn ’17

    Class of 2017, Major in International Studies

    “I had a wonderful experience interning with the World Tourism Organization during the 71st session of the General Assembly. I was able to work with UNWTO on their draft resolution on sustainable tourism, as well as attend meetings of the second committee. Being a part of a specialized agency I had access to all UN meetings and in my free time I was able to attend meetings on issues that interested me on various issues such as the refugee crisis and women’s rights. I got first hand knowledge on the Sustainable Development Goals and now have a greater understanding of the work that goes on in the United Nations every day.”

  • Alvin Young ’14

    Class of 2014, Major in History and International Studies

    “My time in the Moroccan Sahara was the most peaceful experience to date.  Being in the desert allowed me to reflect on the journey that I was taking in Morocco.  Not knowing what was next, it was foolish to make predictions.  I had no concept of time; all I was sure about was that my presence was there in the desert and that was all that I needed to treasure.”