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Institutional Research and Planning

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) provides information to help the College make decisions grounded on facts; in addition, it provides information to various external agencies in order to comply to state and federal laws and to promote the College. Federal and state laws require the College to provide information about enrollment, demographic characteristics of students, faculty, and staff, information about college finances, graduation numbers and rates, and a number of other subjects.

The collection of all of this information and its transmittal in a timely way to the agencies requesting it is the work of the Institutional Research/Planning Office. The office also provides information to various external college rating agencies such as US News and World Report, Peterson’s Guide, and the College Board. Most of IRP’s work, however, consists in providing information to the College’s administration and faculty to give them facts upon which to make informed decisions and plans for the College’s present and future.
Office of Institutional Research and Planning