Flexible Work Arrangement Procedural Guide

Flexible work arrangements do not suit every Employee, position, or organizational unit at the College. An Employee’s proposal for a flexible work arrangement will be approved only when deemed suitable by the Employee’s Supervisor, Department Head, and Division Vice President, at each such manager’s discretion.

Please note that a decision may be made for an entire organizational unit to adopt flexible work arrangements as part of the operational needs and/or strategic mission of the College.

Please further note that the flexible work arrangements in this Policy do not apply to situations where an employee requests a “reasonable accommodation” as a result of a disability or other legally protected classification. For these situations, please refer to the College’s Policy on the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Regardless of Employee performance, the outcome of any evaluation, or other conditions that may exist, an Employee’s flexible work arrangement may be altered or discontinued by the College at any time for any reason. Every effort will be made to provide at least seven days’ notice to the Employee when a significant alteration, including discontinuance, is made to an Employee’s flexible work arrangement.

Duration and Renewal

A flexible work arrangement is normally in effect for the period necessary but no longer than the end of the fiscal year in which formal authorization is given. The Employee must submit a new proposal and the basis of the need therefore in order for a flexible work arrangement to be renewed in a subsequent period.


When a flexible work arrangement is in effect, the Employee and Supervisor will regularly discuss the arrangement’s effectiveness and impact on performance, and make modifications as warranted. A formal review of any existing flexible work arrangement will take place during the College’s annual performance evaluation process.

The President’s Cabinet will review the College’s flexible work arrangements on an annual basis to determine if the arrangements, in whole or in part, continue to be beneficial to both the Employees and the College.

Proposal Process

When an Employee desires to be considered for a flexible work arrangement, the following steps must be taken:

Step 1: Employee’s Flexible Work Arrangement Proposal

The Employee completes the Eligibility Self-Assessment section of the Flexible Work Arrangement Proposal Form (“the Proposal Form”). If the Employee believes that the eligibility criteria to submit a proposal are met, the Employee must then complete the Proposal section of the Proposal Form, certify and sign the form, and submit the form to their Supervisor.

Step 2: Supervisor’s Review

The Supervisor reviews the Employee’s Flexible Work Arrangement Proposal to assess whether it is appropriate to move the proposal forward to the Department Head for review. The Supervisor may use the Supervisor Assessment Tool as a guide. If the Supervisor determines that the proposed arrangement is not appropriate, the Supervisor will inform the Employee in writing. If the Supervisor determines that the proposed arrangement is feasible, the Supervisor will submit the Proposal Form to the Department Head with a recommendation for approval. If the Supervisor believes that a modified flexible work arrangement might be feasible, the Supervisor may suggest that the Employee modify the proposal and resubmit it.

Step 3: Department Head’s Review in Consultation with Division Vice President

After reviewing the Proposal Form (or modified proposal, if applicable), the Department Head will consult with the Division Vice President to determine whether the proposed flexible work arrangement is suitable for the Employee/position/unit, fits well with the organizational unit’s other proposed or approved flexible work arrangements, and is aligned with the College’s overall operational needs and mission.

Step 4: Flexible Work Arrangement Determination

In consultation with the Department Head, the Division Vice President makes the final determination as to whether a recommended Flexible Work Arrangement Proposal is approved or declined. If declined, the Supervisor will inform the Employee in writing. Alternatively, the Division Vice President may suggest a modification of the proposal by the Employee.

If approved, the Supervisor and Division Vice President will complete the Flexible Work Arrangement Determination section of the Proposal Form. The flexible work arrangement can be put into effect only after the arrangement has been formally authorized. The Supervisor must submit the signed Proposal Form to Human Resources, where it will be placed in the Employee’s personnel file.