Eligible Accommodations

The Office of Disability Services provides reasonable accommodations to registered students. For information on requesting accommodations please visit our How to Register and FAQ pages or email disabilityservices@mmm.edu.

To learn more about available accommodations please consult The Office of Disability Services Policy Handbook or review the list of typical accommodations we offer below. 

Typical academic accommodations: 

  • Extended time and separate space for testing

  • Text-to-speech applications

  • Audio-recording assistive technology

  • Smartpen

  • Alternative formats for course content

  • Use of a computer for note-taking in class

  • Peer note-taking

Typical housing accommodations:

  • Smallest-number of roommates

  • Low floor

  • De-lofted bed

  • Registration of assistance animals

Resources for Students Receiving Accommodations

Review the below resources to access the student portal, book appointments, request a testing appointment, renew accommodations, and more. 

Accommodate Portal

Please follow the below links to access your Accommodate Portal:

Student Portal Faculty Portal Staff Portal

For assistance in navigating the portals, please reference the below guides:

Student Portal Guide Student Mobile Guide Faculty Portal Guide 

Additional Resources

Academic Access Application

If you wish to apply for the Academic Access Program, which is a cost above tuition program for students with learning disabilities, please visit our How to Apply page.


Email: disabilityservices@mmm.edu