CityEdge Internship Stipend


CityEdge Internship Stipend Guidelines

  1. Only unpaid internships are eligible. 
    • The CityEdge Internship Stipend is open to all students completing an unpaid internship at a non-profit or government organization
    • The CityEdge Internship Stipend is open to underrepresented students completing unpaid internships at for-profit organizations (including but not limited to students who identify as members of the  LGBTQIA+ Community, First Generation Students, students in the HEOP Program, and students with financial need as determined by the FAFSA). 
  2. Internships may be taken for-credit or not for-credit. (Note: See for-credit internships requirements here.)
  3. Internship duration must be equivalent to at least the duration of the semester. Students completing non-credit internships must begin their internships no later than one week after the start of the semester.
  4. Students must upload a copy of the offer letter or email they received for the internship. This copy/screenshot should include the name of the Site Supervisor, their Supervisor’s Email or Phone Number, and the Start and End Date of the Internship. If the offer does not include this information, the student should ask for a formal offer that includes these items. If the offer is sent from an employee other than the Site Supervisor (like an HR Representative) at the company/organization, the student should ask this person to include the name of the Site Supervisor and their contact information in the offer letter/email.
  5. Selection is competitive and will based upon financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Office and quality of your application.
  6. Students will be required to complete a reflection essay (500 - 750 words) summarizing their internship experience or submit a 2 minute video reflection of their experience at the end of the semester to receive final stipend installment.
  7. Students may reapply for the stipend in the future if not chosen in a given semester. There is no limit to the number of times students can apply! Students may earn a stipend more than once, but priority will be given to students who have never received a stipend. 
  8. Students must complete the stipend application by the last day of Add/Drop each semester.
  9. If you are awarded a stipend, you will need to complete hiring paperwork for the College. In order to complete this paperwork in a timely manner, it is recommended that you gather the necessary hiring materials as soon as you submit your application. This is so that you can have these documents ready if you are awarded a stipend. Please visit the USCIS Acceptable I-9 Hiring Documents webpage to learn about what documentation is required/acceptable. ***Please Note: You need either: (1) one document from List A; or (2) two documents, one from List B and one from List C. 

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Spring 2024: Monday, February 5, 2024 by 11:55pm ET

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CityEdge Internship Stipend

Questions about the CityEdge Internship Stipend? Please contact:

Ryan Atwell
Associate Director of Career and Professional Development
Coordinator of Internship Programs