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Registration has gone digital! Registration for continuing students and non-matriculated students will be processed online. Students are encouraged to register via MMC Connect. For students encountering difficulty registering online, we recommend you scroll all the way down to the  Frequently Asked Question or  Click Here for Important FAQ Troubleshooting during Registration Time sections.

If you do not see your issue listed, please reach out to


March 6 - 23

Time to clear up any HOLDS on your account

Review MMC Connect to see if you have any HOLDS on your account.

Reach out to the office or department that placed the HOLD to discuss how to have it removed. Be sure to do this at least 24 hours before your Priority Registration time.

Print out and review your Program Evaluation.

March 10

Fall  2023 Online Course Bulletin goes live in the afternoon.

March 6- 10

Check your MMC email for your Priority Registration day and time.

Check your MMC email for information from your Faculty Advisor about how to schedule your advisement appointment.

March 15

Advisement Day for Juniors and Seniors

March 26 @ 5:00pm

Registration Module on MMC Connect is locked until your Priority Registration Date but keep using other modules on MMC Connect.

March 27

Registration begins

Be sure to know your Priority Registration day and time!

March 30

Advisement Day for Sophomores and First-Year Students



Non-Degree Students

Contact Josh Shirkey at to schedule an advisement appointment.

Biology Post-Bac Students

Contact Richard Finizio at to schedule an advisement appointment

Speech Language Pathology & Audiology Post-Bac Students

Contact Prof. Sue Behrens at to schedule an advisement appointment.

Center for Student Services (Student Accounts and Financial Aid)

CSS staff members are available Monday through Friday, in person and remotely. You can reach them at (212) 517-0500 or

Student Success Advising

Student Success Advisors are available to help! To schedule an in-person or virtual appointment, contact them at (212) 517-0568 or

Office of the Registrar

The Registrar’s Office is available to assist as needed. You can reach this office at 212-517-0501, 646-393-4155 or

IT Help Desk

For technology-related help, contact the IT Help Desk at (212) 517-0580 or


I’m not sure how to get started registering

For a guide on how to register check out “How to Register Online” video under “How to” videos in this link.


What do I do if I have a hold?

Restrictions/Holds must be removed manually by the office that placed the hold at least 24 hours before your priority registration time.


What do I do if I I’m missing the pre-requisite for the course but want to take the course?

You can request a pre-requisite/course restriction waivers from the Chair of the Department. Please go to the student portal and click on the pre-requisite waiver link. to:

If the form is approved, a student service representative or registrar staff will process the registration into the class.

Note: An approved prerequisite waiver does not guarantee a seat into the class. If the class is closed, students can opt to be added to the waitlist if available or find an alternate class. If the registration is successful, students will see their class on MMC Connect. If the course requires a co-requisite, it is recommended you add the co-requisite class first on MMC Connect.



I’m on a waitlist. What happens next?

If students on a waitlist for a class are approved to register for it, they will receive an email notification to register. Students are not automatically registered into the class. They have 3 days to register on MMC Connect. If you have been approved to register from the waitlist but do not have the prerequisites and have submitted your online prerequisite waiver, you may contact the Center for Student Services (212-517-0500) or the Registrar (212-517-0501) to be registered for the class.

What should I do if my course is full?

Students may be able to add to the waitlist of the class. You can also request an overtally though classroom size often make it difficult for them to be approved. To request an overtally, students should contact the appropriate division chair


Who are the Division Chairs that approve overtallies?

· Business: Vandana Rao,

· Communication and Media Arts: Peter Schaefer,

· Fine and Performing Arts: Katie Langan,

· Humanities and Social Sciences: Jennifer Brown,

· Sciences: Ken Ching,


Can I take an AIP course?

To register for Advanced Interdisciplinary Perspective classes (AIP), students are required to have completed 39 credits before the start of the Fall 2023 semester. Please note that this includes your Spring 2023 classes and Summer 2023 classes for which students have pre-registered. It does not include other Fall 2023 classes for which students are pre-registering.


Click Here for Important FAQ Troubleshooting during Registration Time



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