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We’ve updated our Health and Safety Guidelines for the Fall 2021 semester. Visit MMC Onward to get the details.

Academic Affairs

The Division of Academic Affairs oversees all of the College’s academic programs and the resources designed to support the achievement of our academic goals and mission. Thus, all the academic departments and divisions report to the Division of Academic Affairs.

The academic resources managed by the Division include the Thomas J. Shanahan Library, Media Center and Archives, the Samuel Freeman Science Center, the Theresa Lang Theatre, the Theresa Lang Center for Producing, the Ruth Smadbeck Communication and Learning Center, and the Hewitt Gallery of Art.

The Division of Academic Affairs also oversees the Office of Academic Advisement and the Center for Academic Advancement. Please see the Phone Directory for office and staff phone numbers.

For the College Honors Program, click here.


  • Academic Affairs

    Carson Hall 807
    (212) 517-0520