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  • Yes! You can make roommate requests by placing the name(s) of the roommate you are requesting on your housing application. All roommate requests must be mutual in order to be considered. Not all roommate requests can be honored, and roommate requests are not guaranteed. Roommate requests may also be emailed to Residence Life by July 1.

  • For students who have completed their housing application, contract signature page, and made the housing deposit:

    • Building assignment will be sent to students by July 1
    • Rooms assignments and roommate information will be sent by August 4
    • Roommate information is sent after rooms are assigned and payment is made 
  • At the beginning of the semester, all residents will fill out a roommate contract to set some ground rules for the apartment regarding noise, guests, and cleanliness. This usually establishes a common respect for all residents in the room. All residents are encouraged to try to work out their differences with their roommates through open communication and discussion; however, if two residents have irreconcilable differences and one wants to move, they should submit a Room Change Request form. The Office of Residence Life must approve all moves. No resident moves will be granted within the first three weeks of the Fall semester.

  • You are responsible for setting a cleaning schedule with your roommates and ensuring your room is clean. Health and Safety Inspections will occur twice a semester to check the condition of your room.


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