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  • At the beginning of the semester, all residents will fill out a roommate contract to set some ground rules for the apartment regarding noise, guests, and cleanliness. This usually establishes a common respect for all residents in the room. All residents are encouraged to try to work out their differences with their roommates through open communication and discussion; however, if two residents have irreconcilable differences and one wants to move, they should submit a Room Change Request form. The Office of Residence Life must approve all moves. No resident moves will be granted within the first three weeks of the Fall semester.

  • Check-in times are assigned to keep the flow of traffic manageable and to allow our process to function at its best. You will be assigned a check-in time based on your last name. You can arrive after your assigned check-in time, but not before.

  • Residents may check in after their assigned time, but not earlier.


  • Spaces within each room are assigned by color to each resident, so beds, dressers, desks, and closet spaces are pre-determined for each resident. It doesn’t matter when you arrive; you’ll still get your assigned spot!


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