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November 21

Six years ago, when associate Communication and Media Arts professor Erin Greenwell took her first bus ride upstate to the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, she didn’t know what to expect. She had joined a group of faculty and students headed to Crossing Borders, an academic conference MMC has hosted at the women’s prison since 2006. The College has been the sole degree-granting institution at Bedford Hills for 25 years, and Crossing Borders gives the program’s instructors and students an opportunity to showcase their work.

First-gen students attending a mixer at the Intercultural Center in September.
November 20

As a first-generation college student, Zach Biron ’24 had lots of questions and anxieties as he entered his freshman year—and he kept them all to himself.

“I graduated from a large public high school that didn’t have resources for first-gen students about to go to college and started MMC during the pandemic while it was virtual,” said Biron, a Psychology and Theatre Arts major. “There were so many things I was confused about, but I struggled with imposter syndrome, thinking everybody else knew more than me and was sure of what they wanted, so I kept quiet. I didn’t know how to serve myself.”

That changed, however, with help from a new resource at MMC that Biron would help launch as a student worker: the College’s Intercultural Center (IC). Though it just marked its first anniversary in September, it has already had a powerful impact on those who rely on its services, including first-gen students.

Katie LeBesco, Ph.D., associate VP for Strategic Initiatives and professor of Communication and M...
November 18

Marymount Manhattan College welcomed leading food researchers from around the globe in October when the College served as the site of the 12th International Conference on Food Studies.