Taylor Tote’ 21

Class of 2021, B.A. in Business with a double concentration in Media and Arts Management and Social Entrepreneurship
Double Minor in Music and Music Industry

  • Taylor Tote’ 21

Not only did I start to find myself and carve my path, but MMC and my professors were extremely supportive of me and my career. Being a singer/songwriter and performer my whole life, I was able to go on nationwide tours during the semester as my professors thought it would help me develop my professional skills. 


It was a spilt second decision- something I decided to do, and I applied, moved and joined the program within two months. I needed change and I needed it fast. I was in a weird place in my life with a lack of direction and whatever that “something” calling me was, felt urgent. My idea was that I’d go to school with the sole excuse that I’d be able to live in the city and network in the NYC music industry scene. And I did, but I didn’t realize how much Marymount Manhattan would change my life.

I was drawn to MMC for their Media and Arts Management concentration in Business. I loved the location, the size, the diversity and inclusion. I decided to go and study Business along with a Music minor. After the encouragement from my advisors and professors, I added a second concentration in Social Entrepreneurship and a second minor in Music Industry. I was inducted to Sigma Beta Delta, an international honor society recognizing business students for their academic excellence. I worked on projects in classes that came into fruition outside of school; I was able to be a part of the Recording Academy’s GrammyU, as a representative came into one of my classes, giving me access to mentorships from some of the music industry’s most influential professionals. The knowledge I gained and the people I met opened so many doors and so many opportunities putting me in positions I never saw myself capable of being in.

I’m extremely grateful for my time at Marymount Manhattan and because this school helped me find myself, I know my educational journey doesn’t end here. I’m so excited to see what happens next.