Patrick Reynolds ’20

Class of 2020, Double major: Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Minor in Theatre

  • Patrick Reynolds

What I learned in the classroom, coupled with my extracurricular leadership experiences have given me skills that I can apply to the workplace and my life. From learning how to calculate interest payments on a loan in Financial Management to managing a budget as the Treasurer of Student Government Association, Marymount has fostered my skills for a successful life and career.


 Throughout his time at Marymount Manhattan College, Patrick has used the opportunities at both the school and New York City to maximize his experience. Entering his freshman year, Patrick joined the executive board of a Registered Student Organization which was his first leadership position at the school. From then on, he helped launch an online publication with fellow students the following year and became Treasurer of Student Government Association his junior year, a position he continues to hold through his senior year. In addition to extracurricular activities, Patrick took advantage of his time in business classes and was inducted into Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society for Business, Management and Administration.

As he did with his time at Marymount Manhattan College, Patrick also took advantage of living in New York City. His sophomore year of college, Patrick was an intern for Nicole Malliotakis’ campaign for mayor of New York City. He gained experience at both working in a professional office as well as campaign field work. During election week, he helped lead a group of volunteers to campaign and hand out literature in specific areas of the city. This was a valuable experience that immersed him the world of politics. Currently, Patrick is a project assistant at The Focus Room, a qualitative marketing facility. This experience has given him insight into one aspect of the multi-faceted marketing industry and will be of benefit to his future career.