Natasha Solo-Lyons ’19

Class of 2019, Double Major: B.S. Marketing and B.S. Management

Minor: Creative Writing 

  • Natasha Solo-Lyons

Professors know your name and are easy to talk to, and the school’s prime location allows you to become part of a much larger community when looking for jobs and internships. Being on the Upper East Side is totally invaluable and made this college experience unlike any other.


Upon graduation in June 2019, Natasha was accepted with a fellowship for a masters program in business and economics reporting at NYU.

While at MMC, Natasha served as President of the Investment Club and Treasurer of the Marymount Business Association, while pursuing multiple internships at companies like Victoria Beckham, New York Life and Altfest Personal Wealth Management. What she loved most about her MMC experience is the school’s location and accessibility. 

Presently, Natasha is an Editor at Bloomberg LP, NYC.