Joanna Rogers ’12

Class of 2012, Communication Arts major, Creative Writing minor

  • Joanna Rogers '12 at the 2019 Kid's Choice Awards

“Intern, a lot. Internships allowed me to figure out what areas of my industry I liked and which I didn’t like. I interned every semester on top of a fully loaded class schedule and I was able to complete my college degree in three and a half years. I grew my network, received reference letters, and interview opportunities at past companies.”


For Joanna Rogers, her college pick was all about location, location, location. “I knew I wanted to be in Manhattan,” explains the Staten Island native. “But I still wanted an environment that was close-knit in a big city. After my first open house at MMC, I felt at home.”

Rogers chose the Communication Arts program at MMC, taking what would be some of her favorite courses with Laura Tropp, Ph.D., Professor of Communication Arts, Jerry Williams, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Creative Writing, Alister Sanderson, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Communication Arts, Dan Hunt, MFA, Assistant Professor of Communication Arts, and Corey Liberman, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Communication Arts. “When deciding my major, I focused on what I’ve always been interested in, and that was film,” explains Rogers. “Uncertain where this major would take me, my classes lead me down a path that eventually got me into film editing, leading me to an internship with a movie advertising agency.”

Shortly after graduating, Rogers secured a position in the video department for Fox News as a junior web video producer. After much experience, she found herself in her current home, Nickelodeon. “Looking back,” she says, “my academic program guided me to interests I didn’t know existed.”

Rogers is currently a Senior Producer of Interactive Production and Digital Events at Nickelodeon. She is responsible for creating second screen experiences to compliment on-air programming, marketing initiatives, and major events like the Kids’ Choice Awards and Kids’ Choice Sports Awards. She and her team were nominated for an Emmy award for the 8th iteration of the iconic Kids Pick the President campaign for the historic 2016 presidential election.

Rogers recently married her husband, Bill, in October 2018 and the couple lives in Forked River, New Jersey. When she’s not working, Rogers loves to travel and is always looking to get on a plane for a new adventure. Whether it is overseas or getting in the car to drive to a new place, experiencing different cultures, trying new food, and hearing languages of all kinds is what excites her most.