Amanda Webster ’15

Graduation Year


Major at MMC

Communication Arts, Concentration in Creative Media

Current Title

Assistant to screenwriter and showrunner, Beau Willimon

Spotlight Story

From the editing studios of Nugent Hall to tea with Dame Emma Thompson, Class of 2015’s Amanda Webster has definitely had a whirlwind transition to a career in film and television. During her time at MMC, Webster interned with producer Thea Dunlap (The Hero) who mentored the budding filmmaker. It was Dunlap who recommended her for her first job on a major film - Producer’s Assistant during pre-production on a 2019 feature film, Late Night, starring Emma Thompson. Even more exciting, once production started Webster was given the added role of Thompson’s assistant! 

Working as two people’s assistants on a major film set could have been overwhelming, but instead it was a master class in filmmaking for which Webster will be forever grateful. “I saw everything from pre-production (setting up the office, meetings, etc), to actor rehearsals, to being on set every day of shooting,” she reflects. “I was often found rushing about with script sides or having tea with Emma (which isn’t the worst thing to be paid to do). It was really inspiring to see 100+ people—including your hero—show up to work every day and give it their all to make a movie.”

Webster is currently working as an assistant for Beau Willimon (House of Cards, The First) developing new films and TV shows. 

Late Night is in theaters everywhere starting June 7 and also features alumna Annaleigh Ashford ’05!