Mary Leonard ’75


Mary Leonard is co-owner of U.S. Athletic Training Center. Presently, she heads up the marketing department and communicates with the patients, doctors’ offices, and the U.S. Athletic Training Center staff.

Mary was a trainer for many years to various athletes, celebrities and executives. She was named one of the 55 Best Trainers in America by Vogue Magazine, and her work has been praised in the New York Times. She has been featured in numerous national magazines and she has also appeared on television across the country promoting her business brand and encouraging people to lead a healthy lifestyle. Most recently, Mary was featured in Good Housekeeping in article sponsored by L’Oréal entitled 50 Inspiring Women Over 50.

Mary Leonard is a former professional dancer, actress, choreographer, and author. She taught dance for the American Dance Machine at Harkness House in New York City, Marymount Manhattan College (Jazz Dance January Inter-session), and St. Francis College. Mary also taught at Barnard College where she was the head of the weight-training program. In addition, she has performed as a dancer on Broadway, television, and in industrial films.

After her Marymount graduation in 1975, Mary received a Master’s degree from Columbia University. She also volunteers with the Amp Surf New York Chapter and Ronald McDonald House. Mary still currently trains clients mostly in the performing arts. She continues to study theatre dance and is an avid surfer.