Madeleine Arend ’19

Class of 2019, Art Major,  Photography concentration; Minors in Art History and Business; Recipient of the 2018 Sr. Judith Savard Study Abroad Fellowship



  • Madeleine Arend

My experience studying in Florence, Italy was one of incredible value to both my academic and personal growth. Being able to experience a foreign culture with new customs bolstered my sense of confidence and expanded my intellectual perspective of the world.


The setting of Florence couldn’t have been more suited for what I wanted to get out of my experience studying abroad. I fully enjoyed being able to take in the beauty and masterpieces of the city in both an academic setting and through a creative lens.

I found that balancing my coursework between studio and academic efforts gave me a full-bodied experience in seeing another culture from the perspective of an American. This is the first time I’ve gotten the chance to venture abroad, and it’s given me the confidence to continue to journey beyond the familiar. Without the Sister Judith Savard Fellowship, my time abroad would never have been more than a dream.