Museum of Finance

  • NYC Seminar students visit the Museum of American Finance


In addition to being introduced to various facets of business, the class completed assignments on selected readings, including some from The Triumph of the City by Richard Glaeser. The
readings examined the evolution of NYC from a trading port to its pre-eminence as a center for business and culture. The role of innovation and creativity in fostering urban development, attracting global talent, and creating a vibrant and dynamic cultural fusion are explored in studying the as city one of our remarkable inventions. Field trips complemented the theme of the city as a remarkable invention, including visits to the Museum of the City of New York, Wall Street, the Museum of American Finance, and the Metropolitan Museum. In this photo, we visited Wall Street and the Museum of American Finance, where we took a look at the Money Museum, visited the Alexander Hamilton room, and examined some milestones in the history of Wall Street.


NYC 105/BUS 100: The City that Never Sleeps: Business in New York City

Faculty Name

Vandana Rao