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Laura Tropp

  • Laura Tropp, Ph.D.


Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor of Communication Arts


Communication and Media Arts





Dr. Tropp specializes in media and politics and representations of pregnancy, motherhood, and families in popular culture. She teaches courses in communication theory, media history, campaigns and elections, media law and motherhood studies. She has been on the board of the Museum of Motherhood and a blogger on work/life balance for Inside Higher Ed.


B.A., Hunter College of the City University of New York
M.A., New York University
Ph.D., New York University

Recent Work



Quoted in

How to Respond When Someone Makes a Racist Comment

Readers Digest


Here & Now: Gender Reveal Parties


The Culture of Pregnancy, Wisconsin Public Radio


Just Love Radio Show

Depiction of Fathers

 Smithsonian Magazine, September 2017

What Does the Gender Reveal Fad Say About Modern Pregnancy

Read Laura’s piece exploring history, pregnancy rituals, and modern notions of feminism


NBC News, June 2017

As Times Changes, Advertisers Strive to Show ‘Real Dads’

Laura is featured exploring newer representations of fathers in popular culture


Salon Magazine/December, 2015

Beyond Mike Brady: Finally Stepdads are Getting their Pop Culture Moment

Laura Tropp is featured in this article talking about ideologies of fatherhood and her new edited collection, Deconstructing Dads.

Finally Stepdads Are Getting their Pop Culture Moment


HLN Media, October 2015

Are Pregnant Women Fair Game for Comments on Social?

Laura Tropp is featured in this article discussing why many think of pregnancy as a public, not a private experience


Fit Pregnancy Magazine, August/September 2013

What’s the Rush? The case for a slower, more reflective pregnancy

Laura Tropp is featured in this article which includes an excerpt from her new book on pregnancy.

Huffington Post, January 8th, 2013

The Pregnancy Industrial Complex

Laura Tropp writes a piece exploring why people obsess over the pregnancies of others and what does that mean for who we are.

Parade Magazine, December 14th , 2012

Why Are We So Obsessed with Kate’s Pregnancy?

Laura Tropp is interviewed in Parade magazine, where she discusses the American fascination with Kate Middleton’s pregnancy. 

Allure Magazine, May 1, 2008: 

Beauty and the Beat: Sex Education

Laura Tropp is featured in this article for her research on “Sex and the City” and motherhood, femininity and pregnancy.

The Star-Telegram, April 3, 2008

Kits show mothers’ bodies of work

Laura Tropp is quoted in this article about “belly casts” and changing views of pregnant women in society., May 27, 2008

Belly casts,” the New Rage to Memorialize your Pregnancy

Cookie Magazine, January 1, 2006

“Star Burst”

Laura Tropp was quoted in this article from the premiere issue of the parenting magazine Cookie (December 2005-January 2006).


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“Teaching Media Ecology: Or Why My Students Love the Tetrad.” In Media Res. Volume 5, No. 1. Fall, 2003. Newsletter. Published by the Media Ecology Association

Professional Experience

Board Member, John C Hart Memorial Library

Board Member, Museum of Motherhood & Journal of Mother Studies

Former Online Columnist, Inside Higher Education


Nugent Hall, Room 560