Student Work: Drugs and the Brain

Students in Deirtra Hunter-Romagnoli’s Drugs and the Brain course created a series of PSA’s to increase drug abuse awareness.

These projects were in response to the following assignment:

PSA Assignment Overview

Your assignment will be to create a public service announcement (PSA) that increases prescription drug abuse awareness.  For this assignment the PSA can take the form of a short video, poster, infographic, audio recording or something of the like that will be presented to the class during your assigned PSA presentation date. The objective of your PSA is to design an instrument that aims to bring attention to an important social issue and in this case awareness to the dangers of prescription drug abuse/use. (ex. medications used to decrease pain, anxiety, depression, induce sleep or decrease sleep, alleviate symptoms of ADHD, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder). PSA’s can be simple, or they can be elaborately produced messages with storylines, music and graphics. Be creative and use your imagination. More points will be awarded to PSA’s that obviously are the product of greater efforts. Remember that you must submit only your own work.

**NOTE: Although I emphasize prescription drug abuse as the focal point of the PSA, if you feel that there is another aspect of prescription drug use that warrants equal attention, I am open to an alternate focus, however you would need to email or speak to me for approval.

James Deuell

Drug: Adderall 

Joe Hetterly

Drug: Lunesta & Sleep Aid Medications

Angelica Blalock

Drug: Adderall 

Sarah Villegas

Drug: Ritalin

Amy Pekal

Drug: Concerta

Kelsey Jones

Drug: Adderall

Sarah Peterson

Drugs in the Media