Department of Natural Sciences Presents “Science in the City” Series

  • Bio majors Julia Furnari '20 and Cassidy Illum '21
This is the first installment in the Department of Natural Sciences’ Science in the City series, which highlights all the ways in which MMC students take advantage of the scientific opportunities that NYC has to offer. This recurring series will showcase scientific experiences of our majors in Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Behavioral Neuroscience, and Urban & Environmental Sustainability.

On October 28, 2019, Biology majors Julia Furnari ’20 and Cassidy Illum ’22 attended a symposium at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) with Professor of Biology Ann Aguanno. The symposium, entitled “Evolution & Revolution: Transforming Medicine through Comparative Genomics,” featured a panel of scientists from Columbia University, Harvard University, and AMNH. Panelists discussed what genetic evolution can teach us about our own health. They described their latest research on human genomes and the genomes of animals across the tree of life—and the profound implications this work has for the study of human genetics and health.