Why Interdisciplinary Studies?

    Imaginative. Individual. Bold and boundary-breaking. Just like you. Make your MMC experience all your own with self-designed academic programs, working closely with a team of faculty mentors. Bring your many interests together, develop in-demand skills, and focus on what invigorates your mind.

    Why Interdisciplinary Studies at MMC?

    MMC is a great setting for this self-designed major. The College offers courses in a wide range of disciplines, so you can mix and match ideas from distinct areas as you construct your program. With small classes and focused faculty attention, you will get the guidance you need to assemble a powerful, individualized academic experience. Interdisciplinary Studies at MMC is also flexible, allowing you to add and integrate a second major or a minor to your profile. With MMC’s creative, innovative, forward-thinking community supporting your diverse interests, you are free to cross traditional boundaries and combine approaches in new ways. In other words, it’s the perfect environment for the Interdisciplinary Studies major.

    What You Will Learn

    • You will gain a thorough understanding of an issue, topic, or area of inquiry from multiple disciplinary perspectives.
    • You will acquire the skills and methods of multiple disciplines.
    • You will build the capacity for original, innovative independent work in close collaboration with faculty advisors.


    Program Highlights

    You will be supported by a team of three full-time faculty members who will help you construct your programs, guide your progress, and advise on capstone projects.
    Students are able to check out laptops from the library.
    You will engage in a capstone experience that can take the shape of a research project, a mixed-media presentation, or an integrated internship/academic exploration. The experience gives you a substantial body of work to carry with you to grad school or the job market.
    You will chart out fascinating new territory that combines wide-ranging knowledge, a variety of disciplinary methods, and contemporary practical skills. Recent majors have devised programs that focus on accessible theater, Black bodies and dance, the arts and global consciousness, conservation in the Pacific, and historical costume design.



    • I now have the tools to figure out the complex problems our world will be facing and I feel like I can go into the world and offer change.

      Dorian Provencher ’21

      Class of 2021, International Studies major

    • My IDS study had many different facets; I took administration, visual art, theatre, business, communication, sociology, and culture classes. This major allowed me to explore the intersection where art and business meet. The IDS Major gave me so much flexibility to take the classes and internships I needed to get the job I wanted.

      Monica Nyenkan ’18

      Class of 2018, Major in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Arts Administration

      Meet Monica
    • MMC’s professors provided me with unconditional motivation and support, the department gave me opportunities that many do not have access to in grad school let alone undergrad, and the variety of classes in the field helped me to form my career path and goals.

      Dominique Cagliuso ’20

      Class of 2020, Major in International Studies and Politics and Human Rights, Minor in Law and Ethics

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    Careers and Outcomes

    You will gather broad experience, methods, and skills that you will use to focus on a very specific problem or career path. You will bring together ideas and approaches from different and sometimes unexpected places. You will think outside existing structures, which signals motivation, innovative thinking, and self-sufficiency. This approach is precisely what is needed to tackle big challenges—and it is the professional profile that employers and grad schools are looking for.

    job titles

    • Attorney
    • Business Manager
    • Creative Producer
    • Curatorial Coordinator
    • Digital Content Producer
    • Digital Media and Communications Manager
    • Marketing Coordinator
    • Web Developer
    • Yoga and Wellness Instructor

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