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David Linton

  • Dr. David Linton


Emeritus Professor of Communication and Media Arts


Communication and Media Arts






David Linton has been on the faculty of MMC for more than twenty years and holds the rank of Emeritus Professor of Communications Arts. His research interests and publications are wide ranging including such topics as the media environment of Elizabethan England, the reading behavior of the Virgin Mary, the history of the Luddite movement, and the formation of literary and media canons. He is currently writing a book about the social construction and images of menstruation and teaches an interdisciplinary course on this subject in addition to course in communications theory, media, and public speaking.


B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
M.Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
Ph.D., New York University

Recent Work


“Reading the Boomer’s Reading,” Baby Boomers and Popular Culture, Ed. Brian Cogan and Thom Gencarelli, Santa Barbara: Praeger, 2015.

“McLuhan’s Playboy, Playboy’s McLuhan,” Finding McLuhan: The Mind, The Man, The Message, Ed. Jaquelin McLeod Rogers, Regina, Canada: U of Regina P., 2015.

“On Being Read To,” ETC., April 2015.

 “Menstruation’s Cultural History: a review of Menstruation and the female Body in Early Modern England,” Women’s Reproductive Health (in press).

“From the President’s Desk,” regular column in New York Academe, a quarterly publication.