Math Boot Camp for Sciences Pre-College Summer Intensive

Program Description

The Pre-College Summer Intensive: Math Boot Camp for the Sciences will provide students with the math skills to succeed in the biological sciences.  Through innovative, hands-on activities in mathematical problem solving, the Boot Camp will emphasize critical thinking and quantitative skills.  The Boot Camp will consist of lessons in fundamental mathematics applied to problems in the life sciences.  Units will include ratios and proportions, measurements and unit conversions, algebra, functions (including linear, exponential, and logarithmic), graphs, data analysis, and mathematical modeling. In addition to lessons, small group collaborative activities during which students work on problems assigned by the Boot Camp instructor will help students to communicate mathematical ideas with each other, learn how to cooperate and navigate among the ideas of their peers, and develop critical, creative, and analytical thinking skills. The Boot Camp will also feature two field trips to scientific/medical institutions as well as a guest speaker.

Program Dates

Monday 7/10/17 to Thursday  7/27/17

Program Meeting Days and Times

Monday-Thursday 9:00am-1:00pm



Housing is not available to participants in this Pre-College Summer Intensive.

College Credit

This is a non-credit intensive. College credit is not available.

Program Costs

Tuition:   $1,200                              


Payment Due Dates

Deposit:                                 $250           Due on or before 6/2/17

Final Payment:                     $950           Due on or before 6/19/17


Refund Policy

All requests for a refund must be made, in writing, to Jacqueline Noel (

On or before 7/7/17:                               100% Refund

Between 7/7 and 7/9/17:                          75% Refund

Between 7/10 and 7/12/17:                      25% Refund

After 7/12/17:                                                0% Refund


Application Requirements
  1. Marymount Pre-College Program Application Form.
  2. Marymount Pre-College Recommendation Form from a high school teacher.


Priority Application Date

The Marymount Pre-College Program Application Form and the Marymount Pre-College Recommendation Form from a high school teacher are due by May 1, 2017. Applications received after that date will be processed as they are received. Applicants who apply by the May 1st priority application date will be notified of acceptance into the program by May 15, 2017. Enrollment and registration in any Pre-College Summer Intensive Program does not imply acceptance into any degree program at Marymount Manhattan College.