Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A message from MMC’s Chief Diversity Officer:

At Marymount Manhattan College, educating a socially and economically diverse student body is central to our mission. As a college community, we are committed to creating an environment that values and respects people of all cultural, racial, and social identities. We believe that diversity is an essential component of academic excellence and a key to relevance in the global world of the 21st century. To fully realize the benefits of diversity, we strive to be a place where our differences are explored, celebrated, understood, and ultimately bridged.

We offer a wide range of opportunities that advance diversity within our campus community and promote greater equity throughout the College. We encourage every member of the MMC community to get involved and meet the people, organizations, and programs that are dedicated to making Marymount an inclusive and welcoming place. 


Christine Gregory, Esq. 
Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, Diversity, and Title IX