Counseling and Wellness Center

Accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services, Inc.

Welcome to the CWC web site. Our office helps students handle personal and psychological problems—stress, homesickness, loneliness, anxiety, depression, families, identity, cultural concerns, eating or body image, self-esteem, studies, worries about the future, and alcohol or drugs. Whatever is bothering you, CWC is here to help.

Setting up an appointment is easy. Call 212-774-0700 or drop by our office in Main #806. A staff member will then briefly speak to you and schedule a full visit with one of our counselors. All services are free of charge and, except in rare cases (like a life-threatening emergency), completely confidential. No one outside of CWC will know about your visit.
 The staff is made up of clinical psychologists, a clinical social worker, a psychiatrist, and advanced doctoral psychology trainees. All are experienced in and dedicated to working with students.

CWC offers short-term individual counseling, psychiatric services (to evaluate students for prescription medications), health and wellness workshops and programs, and referrals for care in the community. Note: no student will ever be turned away, even if he or she has already had a full course of short-term counseling. 

<p>  Therapy Dog on Stress Down Day</p>

CWC sponsors many programs to enhance students’ health and well-being, including Stress down Popups, Flu Clinic, Alcohol Screening Day, and Healthy Eating.The big event each semester is Stress down Day. Get a massage. Color in a mandala (very soothing). Pet a therapy dog!


CWC is committed to working with all students from our diverse and inclusive community. Counselors are sensitive to the issues of the LGBTQ community and students of color. All students will be treated with respect and understanding.

Do you want to discuss a personal problem? Please contact us. We are here to help.