Academic Access Program

Dear Parents, 

The Academic Access Program helps students with learning disabilities get the targeted support they need to excel at MMC. 

Academic Access is a fee-based program for students with learning disabilities that is specifically designed to foster academic success.  Through accommodations and multifaceted support, students with learning difficulties will be able to handle the Marymount Manhattan curriculum along with their peers and classmates.  

Support services include:

  • Two hours per week of one-on-one tutoring and skills-building with a professional learning specialist
  • Personalized counseling to develop an academic program suitable to individual needs and ongoing coaching to work through social and emotional issues
  • Priority registration in college courses
  • Support technology and software to help with reading, note taking, and skill development
  • Additional accommodations including alternative testing, extended time on tests, assigned note-takers, and use of laptops and calculators 
  • Workshops on special topics such as “Overcoming Procrastination” and “Remembering What You Read”
  • Monthly parent meetings throughout the academic year will keep you updates on Campus activities.

It is important to know that MMC professors actively support the program and assist specialists by monitoring students’ progress throughout the academic year and arranging for accommodations. Our Learning Specialists  help develop skills and strategies for coursework and coach their students in attitudes and behavior necessary for college success.  

If your son or daughter is interested in applying for Academic Access, check our eligibility guidelines and make sure to submit all required documents.


Best Regards, 


For more information about the program, please see How to Apply or contact:

Diana Nash, Director
Academic Access Program
Suite 500, Main Building
(212) 774-0724