IS Major Maria Andrews Named Foreign Affairs Campus Coordinator

September 27, 2016
Congratulations to graduating senior Maria Andrews, a double major in Dance and International Studies, who has been selected to serve as the State Department’s Foreign Affairs Campus Coordinator.

In the Spring 2016 semester, Maria was an intern at the Foreign Service Institute in the Consular Training Division of the State Department. After her internship, she was contacted to apply for the FACC position. 

The program serves to facilitate foreign policy discussion with students in a variety of disciplines. Maria will serve as a campus liaison to the Department of State whose goal is to reach a wide range of students to disseminate US foreign policy and encourage discussion. These projects will include providing an online presence of resources for students, arranging speakers and diplomats to talk on campus, and creating policy discussion evenings for meaningful debate.

“This opportunity will allow me to coordinate and foster foreign policy discussion. With this historical election, it is important to develop a knowledgeable generation of thinkers. I hope to learn how to collaborate with other Marymount Manhattan clubs to create successful student-led events. I wish to gain experience in organizing events for the college and the DOS. I am excited to bring together the MMC community to discuss important foreign affairs issues that affect our daily lives.”

Congratulations to Maria!

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