Playbill Spotlights MMC Stars

September 16, 2016
In a feature article titled “The New York City College Program Producing Today’s Broadway and TV Stars,” Playbill highlights the strengths of the Marymount Manhattan College performing arts program, and interviews several of our star alumni.

“One of the great things about Marymount is that it’s in Manhattan,” says Adrienne Warren, “so when I graduated from that school, I was blessed enough to already have an agent, and I had my first job before I even graduated. I was working at Encores! [in The Wiz] before I even graduated because we were in the center of everything, and people were able to come and see us perform. Someone saw me as Sarah in [Marymount’s production of] Ragtime, and that’s really how I got my agent and how the ball started rolling for me because of the opportunity—performing and learning about the city and feeling acclimated to the city already before you graduate, so you don’t feel like a fish out of water. You’re already here, and it’s already home to you.

Playbill also spoke with David Mold, the chair of the Division of Fine and Performing Arts, about how competitive the MMC program is, and also what makes Marymount Manhattan different from a traditional performing arts college:

“We’re offering very intensive education and training in both dance and theatre, within the context of this liberal arts college,” explains Mold. “I think what makes our alumni really strong performing artists is that they are really knowledgeable—they know how to think critically. … I think it’s the mix of the intensive dance and theatre training along with the well-rounded college education that helps set the alums apart.”

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