MMC Alumni & Friends Book Club

DATE & TIME: 5:30pm - 7:00pm EDT April 4, 2017
Please join Marymount Manhattan College for the Alumni & Friends Book Club. We will be discussing Out of the Rabbit Hole by MMC’s own Kathy Wilson ’87.

Coffee and refreshments will be served.

Location: The Regina Peruggi Room, Marymount Manhattan College


Out of the Rabbit Hole is a memoir, written from a child’s point of view, of a little girl who manages to survive an environment of alcoholism and violence. She finds escape in the world of movies and records. Starting at age three, being left alone becomes the norm; by four, the movie theater becomes her babysitter. As she grows, so do her views and observations that enable her to climb Out of the Rabbit Hole into the real world with insight and solidity. 

In Out of the Rabbit Hole, a beautifully written memoir, Kathy Wilson describes a life that would undo most children. That she came through it at all is a wonder. Having written about it so powerfully is a testament to both her character and her talent. You won’t be able to put it down.
—Cathi Stoler, author of The Hard Way

Kathy Wilson’s Out of the Rabbit Hole is a harrowing tale of family dysfunction, set against the backdrop of post-Depression-era America. It’s about what it’s like, viscerally, to be raised in a culture of family violence and alcoholism. Ultimately, it recounts one woman’s recovery of her own life and reintegration into the world. This book heals. 
—Frazier Russell, author of Lush

Kathy Wilson’s Out of the Rabbit Hole is a wonderful coming of age story. Beautifully written, poignant, sensitive and with attention to detail, it evokes the sights, smells and sounds of the 1940s and 1950s. I loved every page.
—Hannah S. Hess, author of Honest Deceptions

The Norton Brennan Family;Dreamers, Adventures, Builders

This book is a memoir and family history as researched and recalled by Marymount Manhattan Alumni sisters, Mary Carroll Norton, Ed.D. ’58 and Helen Norton White, MSW ’61. Mary and Helen have attempted to recreate events, locales, and family lore as well as conversations and memories contributed by family members through oral family history and extensive genealogical research.

It is the story of two Irish-American families as they made their different journeys from their beloved homeland to America and how the Nortons and Brennans built their lives and legacies in New York City and Massachusetts beginning in the mid-nineteenth century.


Mary and Helen share with us their family’s journey from Ireland to America which began over 150 years ago. They share four generations of bravery, struggles and success. The cast of characters that make up this real life saga seem at once familiar and intriguing. Mary and Helen take a familiar immigration story and show us how intensely personal it really is. This reader was left feeling hungry for more. Surely, there must be another Norton/Brennan story or two left to tell.

—Amazon Reader Review

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