Ali Power: A Poem for Record Keepers

  • Headshot by Hillery Stone
    Headshot by Hillery Stone
DATE & TIME: 6:00pm EDT September 14, 2017
Poet Ali Power will read from and discuss her new book of poetry, A Poem for Record Keepers, as part of the annual Lit City reading series sponsored by English and World Literatures.


On A Poem for Record Keepers

“I started writing A Poem for Record Keepers in February 2013. I found myself writing these seven line poems. I wish I could say from where they came, but they just happened. I wrote a couple. Then I wrote a couple more imitating myself. I started each line with a capital letter and ended each line with a period (it was liberating!). I was keeping a record. I wrote down facts and things that happened and things I read and things I said and things friends and lovers said. These things accumulated.” via


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