Minor: Environmental Studies

A minor in Environmental Studies will deepen your understanding and appreciation of the natural world and our interactions with it. Most courses can be double-dipped with general education requirements, making this minor a perfect supplement to any major.

Requirements for a minor in environmental studies

Required Course: Credits: 
ENV 115 Environmental Science 3
Plus 15 credits from the following:     
ENV 170 General Geology 3
IS 207 World Geography 3
PHIL 306 Environmental Ethics 3
ENV 310 Applied Environmental Science 3
BIOL 330 Conservation Biology 3
PS 355 Green Political Thought 3
PSYCH 361 Environmental Psychology 3
BIOL 392 Ecology 3
Total Credits 18

Additional Advanced Interdisciplinary Perspectives courses may apply towards these requirements. For more information on the Environmental Studies minor, please contact Prof. Alessandra Leri.

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