Department of
Natural Sciences

Major: Environmental Studies

Our Environmental Studies program fosters an integrated understanding of environmental issues encompassing perspectives from the humanities, natural science, and social science.  ES majors supplement their coursework with experiences outside the classroom. 

LEARNING GOALS FOR THE MAJOR IN environmental studies

  • Apply and relate fundamental concepts from the social sciences and the humanities underlying environmental thought and governance.
  • Recognize and describe fundamental physical and biological principles that govern natural processes.
  • Explain and integrate perspectives from across the natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities in the context of complex environmental problems.
  • Evaluate and communicate the complex relationships between scientific approaches to environmental issues and political, social, economic, and ethical perspectives on the environment.


Major: 42 Credits
General Education: 42 Credits
Electives: 36 Credits


Required Courses:
ENV 115  Environmental Science    3
CHEM/ENV 105  Chemistry and the Environment 3
MATH 141  Precalculus 3
ECO/IS 214  The Global Economy          3
MATH 224  Statistics 3
PHIL 306  Environmental Ethics 3
ENV 314  Controversies in Environmental Science 3
PS 335  Green Political Thought 3
PHR 218  Environmental Justice 3
ENV 497  Research (Capstone) 3
Total Required Credits 30
Plus at least 12 credits chosen from the following:
BIOL 127  Evolution 3
ENV 170  General Geology    3
IS 207  World Geography   3
BIOL 222  General Biology II 4
PHYS 261  General Physics I 5
ENV 310  Applied Environmental Science     3
ENV 312  Energy and Climate Change 3
ENV 316  Natural Disasters and the Environment 3
BIOL 330  Conservation Biology        3
BIOL 392  Ecology   3
PHIL 409  History and Philosophy of Science    3
Total Credits for Major 42
Career objectives for ES majors are in the fields of environmental policy and consulting, sustainable development, and environmental education. Students will also be able to pursue graduate studies in various areas from environmental science to energy policy to resource management. 

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