“The IDS major can be everything you want it to be, you will get as much out of it as you put into it. The tools are provided; the opportunities are there, especially being in New York City.”
-Alexis Van Dijk, ’14


The Interdisciplinary Studies major allows you to hone in on your passions. It offers motivated students the opportunity to shape their own program of study in close consultation with faculty. 

Excel at trigonometry but love how it intersects with urban planning? Can’t get enough Foucault but prefer him in the original French? Then Interdisciplinary Studies could be for you.

MMC students have studied everything from the intersection of culture and history to the effect of group dynamics on community service.

The base of knowledge and the analytical and critical skills you’ll gain with an IDS major will prepare you for any number of careers and graduate work.

What’s your destination?

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