New York City Seminars

We know that you are prepared to handle the rigors of MMC academics, but even the best students need help making the leap from high school to college. 

The New York City Seminars program blends a thoughtfully designed curriculum with an advisement support system. It will help you transition seamlessly into the Marymount Manhattan community and engage with the spaces of New York City as you make your first year a successful one.

Learning as a Community

We place all incoming first year students into New York City Seminars. Each one includes about 18 students, grouped based on their academic interests, who participate in a variety of classroom and extracurricular activities together.

Each seminar is taught by an accomplished full-time faculty member who works in tandem with a peer leader—an upper-level student who knows the ropes and can give you honest, helpful advice about navigating life at MMC.

From the classroom to the streetsGriffin Games winners celebrate their victory

The New York City Seminars program is all about honest engagement and learning to live in—and love—your new community. Every activity is a chance to get to know your peers and explore MMC, from summer reading to a course curriculum that immerses you in the best that NYC has to offer. You’ll munch your way through the food carts of New York in “Eating New York,” visit the city’s hottest galleries in “Curating the City,” figure out how to get back to Sesame Street in “Childhood in New York City,” or make the city your classroom in countless other ways.

You’ll come to see your Peer Leaders as mentors, your peers as friends, your professors as advisors, and soon enough, Marymount Manhattan and New York City as your home.